Weight Loss Program

The Diet:

Our diet consists of proteins from lean meats, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Below, you’ll be able to learn more about what you will be able to eat while on the Health Factor Weight Loss program and what will be forbidden

Approach to Food:

Our approach to food is something that will be able to better explain to you why our diet is the way it is. At our weight loss center, we preach staying away from addictive foods. We treat certain foods as an addiction and once our clients are educated about what to stay away from, weight loss becomes a much easier task. Being educated about what we put in our bodies is a big part of what makes our clients quick weight loss programs successful. In addition, being more educated motivates our clients to make more sound eating decisions.

Weekly Visits:

While enrolled at a Health Factor Weight Loss center, you will be meeting with one of our weight loss specialists on a weekly basis.  Our experts will monitor your progress and let you know what the next step in your supplement program is.  In addition, they will be there for support and motivation as the weight loss process can be a little more difficult for some.

The Philosophy:

The philosophy to weight loss at Health Factor is more of a global outlook on what makes our weight loss clients successful.  In conjunction with our approach to food, your diet and nutrition as a whole, the Health Factor philosophy will help get you to your goals. 

Body Composition Analysis:

The Body Composition Analysis scale at our weight loss clinic measures lean muscle mass, water weight, and fat. Each week we ensure that your body is responding properly by shedding belly and hip fat, not muscle and water.  In addition, your results are linked to our mobile app, which allows you to track your progress and stay motivated.

The Process:

It is important to know what to expect when starting a new weight loss program. Our process takes a 3 prong approach. This combines an introductory body composition analysis, an exercise routine and a nutritional deficiency / surplus analysis.

Your Exercise Plan:

Each client will get a customized work out plan which includes specific stretches to help alleviate stress on your body. Our approach to exercise will get you breathing and feeling better in just 15 minutes per day.

Our Products:

Our advanced formulas and proprietary products are what makes the difference between Health Factor Weight Loss and other programs.  Let our weight loss specialist decide the right products for you and get you going towards your weight loss goals in no time.