By using our Body Composition Analysis scale and our mobile app, we are able to track exactly what kind of weight you are losing with each weigh in.  When you diet incorrectly, you can lose just water weight, or worse you can lose muscle instead of fat.  The scale at our weight loss clinic measures lean muscle mass, water weight, and fat.  As a result, each week we ensure that your body is responding properly by shedding belly and hip fat, not muscle and water.  By combining healthy nutrition with natural supplements, we can put your body back into a healthy balance.


All Health Factor Weight Loss locations are equipped with the InBody 570 by InbodyUSA. The 570 is a special scale that goes beyond the usual body composition analysis. In addition to the weight, body fat and water weight we mentioned, the 570 is able to divide the water weight data it receives and divide into intracellular and extracellular water.

Tracking Your Body Composition Results

The INBODY Result Sheet

After each one of your tests, the InBody 570 will print out a full page result sheet.  Your results will entail the body fat, body weight and water weight data that we gathered during your test.


With the 570, you’re able to identify exactly how many pounds of fat are available in each body segment.  This data can be used to determine how diets and exercise routines are specifically effecting your body.


Identify and track inflammation, swelling and even joint injuries with ECW/TBW Analysis.